Edible Boots

UGH!  Gorgeous white fluffy snowflakes inevitably turn into grey icky slush.


Over the holidays while up in Toronto, my beloved Proenza Schouler’s got accosted by street salt!  The boot on the left is the “before”.



Not only was it 20 degrees colder up there (reverse commuter much prefers the tropical winters in Boston), but in Toronto the streets are covered in salt not sand.  Does not bode well for gorgeous Italian leather…


VINEGAR to the rescue!  Yup, vinegar.  Inexpensive, normally found on fish & chips, vinegar.



11 thoughts on “Edible Boots

    • Crazy but true – I even gave them to the hotel concierge to arrange a cleaning. When they came back I thought it was the end of my fave boots.
      YAY for vinegar!
      Thanks for visiting.
      xo reversecommuter

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