Toque Right Off

Really really really seriously cold.  New England is in a big bad freeze.


Time to pull out the toque, this kind of cold doesn’t take pity on underdressed fashion fools!  (the cold weather apparently brings out the Muhammed Ali in me).

reversecommuter toque

True Story – these Miu Miu boots almost got reversecommuter into a little fisticuffs in Milano with a REALLY large Russian woman – thankfully the salesman took pity on me and saved the day (and more importantly the boots!!!).


Miu Miu boots, Coat Coat, J Brand jeans, Dolce & Gabbana turtleneck, Prada toque.

22 thoughts on “Toque Right Off

  1. lolololololololololololol 🙂
    Love the toque 🙂 !!!!!!!! u with the funny titles 🙂
    That’s a nice colour – i can’t wear camel and browns
    makes me look washed out Cat 🙂 lol
    Have fun – and enjoy the weather –
    🙂 xo

    • Cat I think you could probably rock the camels with the right contrasting scarf or accessory.
      Cannot believe how cold it is here!!! I thought I moved down to Boston for the tropical winters?!

      • no no no ………..if i wear camel or browns i look kinda beige – lol …..
        black and brights for me always –
        I am Nannuck of the north over here……
        tons of layers and yes to toques 🙂
        Tropical winters – that would be nice ….
        my parents in Ottawa / Siberia
        have like 4 feet of snow ………….
        it’s kinda nutts ………
        🙂 xx

  2. First of all, love those boots! Second of all… I feel your pain about the cold weather. It is currently -28 C, right now in Montreal, Canada. I’m actually scared to leave the house this morning…

    • Mon Dieu That is Cold!
      I used to visit friends at McGill in the winter (I was a VERY good friend!!) and remember exactly how cold Montreal winters can be!!!
      Although you do have the world’s best bagels!!!

      • Wow… I just got home from school (McGill) and was eating a bagel with creme cheese while reading this. True story. I love Boston- been three times. Especially the Cape… it’s so beautiful down there!

  3. Looking at some of your latest posts, you seems to have some great boots, and you wear them so well! How I wish we will have some of this snow… but no.. for us only cold and wind and sand from the desert ! Thanks for following my blog. Sara

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