Fashion & Finance Friday!

Nope, not one word about the weather.  It’s winter, I am in New England, it is what it is.

AND IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sundance Festival is on right now and a lot of Hollywood is walking the streets of Park City, Utah.  In 2011 the Sundance Festival brought in $70.9 MILLION to Utah, that buys a lot of snow clearing machinery!


The best part is that it is a dress down event and reversecommuter loves watching what they wear.  Parkas, jeans, leggings, pompom hats (click here to see my new one), fur vests, fedoras, Sorels, sweaters, layers, layers, layers.  Just like us.

MAJOR pop-up shops, restaurants & bars can be found such as St. Tropez’ Nikki Beach, Vegas’ Tao, Canada Goose, (click here to hear all about reversecommuter’s love affair with Canada Goose!), Samsung, Adidas, Burton, etc.  There is no snow at Sundance this year (probably because it’s in New England…) but the movies are definitely worth the trip!


Chanel.  PHENOMENAL!  Karl Lagerfeld presented his Couture Spring 2013 show in Paris this past week and sealed once again his place as THE designer amongst a sea of many.  A great attribute of these fashion shows is that it can help you decide what is a smart wardrobe investment now.  Karl’s love of the over-the-knee thigh high boots, skirts to the knee and even a little longer all point to what to buy.  Uber feminine soft Pink was all over the place, a classic color that can live happily in warm or cold weather.  reversecommuter has been secretly coveting the pink suit by both Helmut Lang and Ralph Lauren for Spring 2013, like a lioness laying in the grass waiting to pounce!  (photo courtesy of


Make an excuse to dress up at least once this weekend!

xo reversecommuter

12 thoughts on “Fashion & Finance Friday!

  1. hawtness ————————— that soft pink makes me forget about the igloo i call home ……….. 🙂 email email email this cat one day ……….. OK ? xx night night from the great white north land of ……..yep you guessed it SNORONTO 🙂 XO

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