Marc & Molly!

Marc by Marc Jacobs new Spring 2013 Collection is slowly but happily creeping into the shops.  Nothing makes snow melt faster than Spring Collections arriving!

reversecommuter has it on great authority (Hi Logan!) that Marc Jacobs based this collection loosely on the John Hughes movies of the 80’s starring Molly Ringwald, (click the blue to read all about him on Wikipedia).   Now Marc Jacobs has combined his designs with The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink – all the bright hair, shoulder pads and teen angst smooshed into one fun collection.

Molly Ringwald 80s movies Unknown-1 Unknown-2

Polka dots, pinks, stripes, bold geographic patterns, eclectic brights and tops with shoulder’s that look like they have been sliced up for the gymnasium dance!  Click here to see the runway show of the Spring 2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection from Vogue.

Put on this sweater and start humming a little OMD or The Smiths!


This fab dotty jacket is SO Molly Ringwald adorable!!!


Here comes the video (it would be sacrilege not to put it on)…

5 thoughts on “Marc & Molly!

      • like i said – cuteness overload ……. absolutely ………. 🙂 xx the whole post ……… really …..
        teeeeeeehhhhheeeeeee outfits and music and movies – c’mon ……………… pulled my heartstrings – majorly
        now email me one day ………….. will u ? 🙂
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        la la la 🙂

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