Fashion & Finance Friday!

reversecommuter lives in New England and is bracing for over 2 ft (24 inches!!) of snow.  The fire is lit, the entire family is home, the cookies are baking, the fondue pot is ready for a night of deliciousness, never has there been a better day to wear James Perse head to toe (comfy comfy click the blue to check out the site)…so bring it on NEMO!

Speaking of snow, it is the beginning of NYFW and the designers are scurrying around trying to reschedule their shows because of the big storm!  Marc Jacobs announced yesterday that his show was delayed until February 14th (how romantic!).  LaGuardia & JFK announced that all flights into for Friday and part of Saturday have been cancelled.  This could prove to be an immensely costly storm in the fashion world – buyers, designers, vip guests, could all find themselves extending their time in the big apple (not the worst thing that could happen!!!).

C. Wonder, owned by Tory Burch’s ex-husband Christopher Burch, is now also owned by Fidelity.  The investment firm bought 10% for $35 MILLION!  Tory Burch Inc is valued at $3.5 BILLION after 10 years in business.  Her ex’s company is now valued at an amazing $350 MILLION in it’s first year of business according to this deal.  YOWZER!  C.Wonder plans on opening up to 100 more stores (there are now 10) in the next 2 years, and with a much lower price point on merchandise will probably give his ex-wife a run for the money! (Click here to read about the icy relations between the two Burchs in an earlier post).


Andre Leon Talley, Vogue contributor extraordinaire is working on a late night talk show – OHEMGEEEEEEEE!  How fabulous is that going to be?!?!  According to Huffington Post, the production company that created The Office and Ugly Betty is creating the show.  reversecommuter’s tivo is going to be all over that! (click the blue to read the full article)


Have a wintery wonderland kind of weekend, and slap on a little lip gloss before you go sledding!

xo reversecommuter

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