Cover Up!

Tulum, Mexico is the ultimate in a bohemian boutiquey beach town.


There are a handful of boutique hotels (10 oceanfront beach huts), amazing restaurants (with no roof on any of them, just lit by a zillion stars), no electricity (seriously), and one über cool shop, just one.


Meet Josa.  Click here and go bananas!!!


reversecommuter fell in immediate love with the orange low back.


Josa is my new fave – not just for coverups but for gorgeous dresses too!


4 thoughts on “Cover Up!

  1. We met Joanne (the owner) a few years ago. Beautiful clothes and an even more beautiful person. I got to visit the shop last year and I bought my wife a few dresses – she LOVES them. . You’re spot on about the town and can’t wait to get back there.

    • I love that you know Josa! Once I posted this Joanne was lovely enough to send me an email – she rocks and so do her frocks!
      Maybe Tulum will have 2 bloggers on the beach some day!
      xo reversecommuter

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