It’s a Wrap!

reversecommuter has a new gig….DSC_0111

yup, now the host of South Shore Style TV.  WOAH!


First episode was filmed yesterday – it was a really really looooooooong FUN day!


Started with hair and make up.   Really now,  what is better than a trim and blow out?


Filming until May, airing June thru August.  Kinda cool & I am very grateful for the opportunity!

DVF top, MOTHER jeans, Balenciaga booties.

23 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

      • silver linings = YES ALWAYS 🙂 lol ……looking at the boot laughing right now 🙂 just a bad sprain – not a biggy – there are worse things 🙂 lol …………….. honestly your dream gig that has come to fruition is one of mine ……………….. so many dreams right ? xx anyways xx again KUDOS 🙂 x 100000000000000000000000 and i am gonna be watching going I KNOW THAT LADY 🙂 wooohoooooooo 🙂 xo

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