Fashion & Finance Friday!

It really is GOOD Friday!!!!!!!!!

Hudson’s Bay (Canadian retailer that also owns Lord & Taylor – click here for more info) is serious!  Expansion plans, sinking a ton of dough into the business and bringing in fab designers such as Jonathan Simkhai (click here to fall in love with some gorgeous clothes!).


It’s so interesting to see a retailer investing in their business and seeing the stock rise, when others are suffering in this economy (such as JC Penny).

Stella McCartney has been royally recognized!

The Queen bestowed the Order of the British Empire award for her service in the fashion industry.  She wore a navy blue suit from her line (naturally) and looked divine!  Interestingly her daddy got the same award (as part of the Beatles) in 1965.


Hoppy Easter Everyone!

Wear a fab pair of heels for the egg hunt – just for the fun of fashion!

Boston Marathon Here I Come…naked?

No, not really! I just don’t know what I am going to wear on April 15th for 26.2 miles.

boston2013 So on occasion between now and race day, I am going to work through some selections.
The BEST part is that I have to wear the outfits first to make sure it is comfortable…shopping time!!!!!!

The tricky bit about workout wear is the dreaded wedgina (click here to learn more).

First up, adidas by Stella McCartney. Simply crazy gorgeous! The materials, colors, textures, the little unexpected details, the design…uh, the fact that STELLA did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

stelb stelc

reversecommuter is the giddy happy owner of the light blue & tangerine spotted 3/4 length running tights (LOVE) and the white windbreaker (equally LOVE!).



My eye is on the metallic shorts next….

Boston Marathon 2013 What to Wear?! Stella!

Neatly Summly-ied Up

Like a 17 year old math app designer, reversecommuter likes to keep things simple (Yahoo can you hear me?!) Click here for the superb Summly story.


Spring has sprung according to the calendar but there is still a ton of snow around Boston. Mathematicians agree the temperature will increase throughout the day then decrease at night, so choose those layered items well….


Remember the terms dress pants, slacks & trousers? Whatever! Just do not wear jeans today – dress it up just a little!


Miu Miu cropped shearling, Prada turteneck, Teenflo pinstripe pants, Tom Ford aviators, Balenciaga wedge booties

Reebok & Alicia Keys on Fire!


Guess what reversecommuter just got an exclusive on?

485969_549497628415610_1178887643_n 2

Alicia Keys just signed a deal with Reebok to design a line, and as a celebration she performed a private concert in Miami for Reebok execs Saturday night!


Granted Alicia has designed shoes for Reebok (click here to buy a pair), this new deal is a direct affilitation with Reebok’s Live with Fire focus (click here to learn more).

This girl IS on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to go peruse the Reebok website.

Sweaters not School Closings!

reversecommuter spotted this odd golden orb in the sky over the weekend…


Now that there is an actual warming trend going on, let’s ditch the big heavy coats.


Layering = Happiness.  Simple equation!


Yigal Azrouel sweater, Hermes scarf, Theory T-shirt, Hue Leggings, Sunglasses Chanel, YSL bag.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Greetings & Salutations FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Fall trends that have been sashaying down runways from NYC to Milan include leather –  and LOTS of it – as exhibited by Veronica Beard’s Fall Collection (click the blue to see more), capes (how super hero-ish!) and florals (yup, even into fall).  So that means that clever fashion savvy shoppers now know what makes a smart buy!

Peek-a-Boo LuLu!

Lulu Lemon had an unfortunate yoga pant transparency issue earlier this week – and it has cost the company a bundle in stock value!  Lulu’s CEO, Christine Day told Bloomberg News that the only way to confirm the see-thru quality was for customers to bend over – the transparency issue was only when customers’ stretched in them.  Click the blue to go to



Which makes reversecommuter point out the obvious – THEY ARE YOGA PANTS, THERE IS GOING TO BE ALOT OF STRETCHING!!!!!!  Unless of course the customer is wearing them all day long and not doing yoga -which is another travesty all together!

Q4 Earnings have started rolling in (reversecommuter LOVES this time of year!!) and the news is pretty good so far – NIKE, Tiffany’s, Hermes, Sak’s, The Gap have all reported an increase in earnings despite a difficult holiday period and wacky winter weather.


Enjoy the weekend – mix your patterns just for giggles and drink some champs too!

xo reversecommuter

Zig & Zag!

Casual suiting is a MAJOR-ETTE Spring trend.


It is almost like getting two outfits in one – buy a suit, wear a suit, then break it up and mix and match tanks & t-shirts with the pants or jeans / shorts with the blazer when you want a different look.

549890_549497855082254_723149074_n 2

Patterns, designs, florals, art splotches – the busier the better!   LOVE this Cavalli ad – Triple K rocks the look!


Buh-bye Banker Stripes.

Yummy Yohji

Yohji Yamamato (click here for his website)has been one of reversecommuter’s faves for a really long time…


His designs are clean, defined, abstract and intense.  It is no wonder that the minimalist vibe is making a strong comeback with clothing lines like his.

The free standing boutique in SOHO is gorgeous – maybe 40 pieces in total hanging on the racks, ridiculously cool music playing and even further into the realm of cool are the salespeople – fun to talk too, loving fashion and dedicated to Y-3.  LOVE!


Yohji’s collection with Adidas Y-3 is the ultimate in casual, sporty elegance with a sense of humor.  The collaboration is in it’s 10th year and in my humble opinion still delivering!


Cannot wait to wear this dress in the summer – super easy with a pony tail and flip flops but still super fab!  Modest price and cute to boot!  Click here to buy your own.


I’ve got a SLVR

Addidas SLVR – the newest designer capsule line offered by the triple line athletic company.


After the success of Y-3 (more on YUMMY YOHJI tomorrow!!!!!) Addidas has launched SLVR, designed by Dirk Schönberger.  Click here to visit the mind-trippy website.

reversecommuter finds this focus on designing “upscale” sportswear, an interesting trend that reflects a more relaxed attitude towards clothing that is trickling down from the runway collections.  Addidas calls this area “Sports Style”.


SLVR has a stand alone boutique in SOHO, which I visited this past weekend.  Bright oranges, cool classic navy blue, hot pink fabulousness and some fashion forward running shoe inspired footwear were the hot spots for me.


The line also delivers a capsule for men, primarily golf focused but offering brilliant colors that complimented the women’s collection.



Chilly Big Apple

reversecommuter snuck away to NYC for the weekend – it was fun but FREEZING COLD!

I had to figure out a plan of survival based on the wet snow on Saturday and the wind on Sunday – lots of time in shops to keep warm and dry…

Bergdorf’s – going up!


Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating 60 years of fashion friendship with Dior, which includes a complete renovation of the 2nd floor boutique – GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!!! (which sadly could not be photographed.


SOHO is my fave (click here to see more) and this time I even stayed down there at the Mondrian SOHO (click the blue to take a look). Similar to the Delano in Miami (click the blue to see when reversecommuter was at the Delano) both are part of the Morgan’s Hotel Group portfolio) the furniture has a certain Alice in Wonderland effect and the electric blue that flows throughout the lobby, bar and rooms has an instantaneous HAPPY effect (and remember it was icky yucky weather outside!).


Exhausted but sufficiently suffoncified with my fab purchases.

COAT coat, Alexander McQueen scarf, Rocco P. boots, MOTHER jeans, Neiman Marcus sweater, Celine bag.