Fashion & Finance Friday!

Greetings End of the Week! Where oh where have you been?!?!

David Kutas has been hired as President at Diane von Furstenberg. He was vp at Gucci America and is Canadian (whoop whoop!!). Interestingly Diane will be the sole designer for both the Pre and the Fall 2013 Collections – and I for one am chomping at the bit to get some of that deliciousness!!! reversecommuter has it on great authority (Hi Cora) that the collection offers some fierce leather pieces and is all about the sexiness Diane envisioned when she first started her company based on the wrap dress – and how it would not make any noise when being dropped to the ground. reversecommuter had the pleasure to meet THE DIANE in NYC at her office and the woman has SEXY ooooozing out of her pores and isn’t even trying. She is beyond the defintion of phenomenal!


Alexander Wang presented his first collection for Balenciaga yesterday – lots of black, lots of white shirts, lots of skinny pants and some divine pink puffed up mink jackets – PURRRRRRRRR! Alexander said his influence came from the belief of Cristobal Balenciaga himself, and his mantra that “body feel very free and always having movement”. The pieces were genderless, absolute androgyny in each presentation, cold and stiff. Balenciaga has a new designer at the helm, that much is for sure.

alexander-wangWishing you all the very best weekend, complete with one random opportunity to wear heels even if there is absolutely no reason to dress up!

xo reversecommuter

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