Fashion & Finance Friday!

Vendredi / Venerdi / Viernes /Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon is about to dig a little deeper into the wonderful world of fashion – about time considering the big announcement came over a year ago (click here to read all about it).  They are building a dedicated Cosby 10 shop.  Derek Lam’s moderate priced line is fair, but an entire shop?  Amazon is also about to launch their first tv commercials too.  Click here to visit the shop.  meh…


Paris Fashion Week just ended and once again Karl remained King!  The stage was a huge globe dotted with gold which denoted where in the world there was a Cha-Cha boutique (click the blue for more on Cha-Cha).  Loads of brocade, leather and deep rich patterned loveliness.  And the thigh high patent boots with the chunky heel with brocade pouring down the front…do not even get me started!


Dig out from the snow and slap on a party dress – it’s the weekend!

xo reversecommuter

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