Chilly Big Apple

reversecommuter snuck away to NYC for the weekend – it was fun but FREEZING COLD!

I had to figure out a plan of survival based on the wet snow on Saturday and the wind on Sunday – lots of time in shops to keep warm and dry…

Bergdorf’s – going up!


Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating 60 years of fashion friendship with Dior, which includes a complete renovation of the 2nd floor boutique – GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!!! (which sadly could not be photographed.


SOHO is my fave (click here to see more) and this time I even stayed down there at the Mondrian SOHO (click the blue to take a look). Similar to the Delano in Miami (click the blue to see when reversecommuter was at the Delano) both are part of the Morgan’s Hotel Group portfolio) the furniture has a certain Alice in Wonderland effect and the electric blue that flows throughout the lobby, bar and rooms has an instantaneous HAPPY effect (and remember it was icky yucky weather outside!).


Exhausted but sufficiently suffoncified with my fab purchases.

COAT coat, Alexander McQueen scarf, Rocco P. boots, MOTHER jeans, Neiman Marcus sweater, Celine bag.

12 thoughts on “Chilly Big Apple

    • MM
      It was great for location. The happy blue throughout the hotel was fab – instant happy mood!
      I had been forewarned to bump it up to a suite as the rooms are really really tiny- but then again the aim in NYC is to not spend too much time in the room anyway.
      The restaurant, Isola, is breathtaking, fantastic food and the bar is quite the hotspot – surprisingly.

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