Yummy Yohji

Yohji Yamamato (click here for his website)has been one of reversecommuter’s faves for a really long time…


His designs are clean, defined, abstract and intense.  It is no wonder that the minimalist vibe is making a strong comeback with clothing lines like his.

The free standing boutique in SOHO is gorgeous – maybe 40 pieces in total hanging on the racks, ridiculously cool music playing and even further into the realm of cool are the salespeople – fun to talk too, loving fashion and dedicated to Y-3.  LOVE!


Yohji’s collection with Adidas Y-3 is the ultimate in casual, sporty elegance with a sense of humor.  The collaboration is in it’s 10th year and in my humble opinion still delivering!


Cannot wait to wear this dress in the summer – super easy with a pony tail and flip flops but still super fab!  Modest price and cute to boot!  Click here to buy your own.


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