Boston Marathon Here I Come…naked?

No, not really! I just don’t know what I am going to wear on April 15th for 26.2 miles.

boston2013 So on occasion between now and race day, I am going to work through some selections.
The BEST part is that I have to wear the outfits first to make sure it is comfortable…shopping time!!!!!!

The tricky bit about workout wear is the dreaded wedgina (click here to learn more).

First up, adidas by Stella McCartney. Simply crazy gorgeous! The materials, colors, textures, the little unexpected details, the design…uh, the fact that STELLA did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

stelb stelc

reversecommuter is the giddy happy owner of the light blue & tangerine spotted 3/4 length running tights (LOVE) and the white windbreaker (equally LOVE!).



My eye is on the metallic shorts next….

Boston Marathon 2013 What to Wear?! Stella!

12 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Here I Come…naked?

  1. I agree! Stella McCartney’s new line for Adidas is incredible – I love the wetsuits and swimwear she is doing for them – like you said…simply crazy gorgeous! Love these images of you and cannot wait to hear what you choose! You go girl!

  2. LOVE Stella McCartney’s stuff and honestly now that lululemon’s quality has really taken a turn for the worse I think a lot of people will make a fitness fashion switch! It has been a REALLY cold spring here in Boston this year (its supposed to snow again today) so you are going to want to wear layers…wear a shirt you can throw away or have someone meet you. Good luck!

  3. Wow!!! Congrats on training for the Boston Marathon!!! That’s huge. We’re training for a half marathon (JulieB & I), for the end of April in Montreal… it’s a lot of work. (And i’ve been a runner for years!). Love the pink shoes 🙂 Good luck on race day!!!!

    • Thanks Julie – best of luck for the half – that is how I started 2 years ago!
      Just bought a second pair of the pink shoes – 2 weeks to break them in for the big day!
      Happy Easter!

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