The Ones that ALMOST Got Away

Salesperson at Barney’s almost didn’t sell me these…


despite my LOVE for all things YSL,  she thought they were too small for me.


Luckily reversecommuter can be VERY persuasive – especially when it comes to shoes and clothes that I really really really want – like these Rebecca Taylor pinstripe pants & MuuBaa leather t-shirt (click the blue to shop away!)


Don’t you just love a happy ending?!


Gladiator Gorgeous

Toga Toga Toga!!!!

reversecommuter is in love, sweet obsessive shoe love


Ancient Greek Sandals for Mario Schwab low gladiators – hand made to order, click and fall  (laurel wreath covered) head over (gladiator) heels in love! 

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Nothing in the world better than a sunny, blue skied Friday!

Unless you are the CEO of J C Penny, then George Soros buying 7.9% of the beaten up retailer totally trumps the sunshine!  George’s investment caused an impressive 7% increase in J C Penny’s stock price last night – Joe Fresh I am sure was doing a happy dance too!  Click here for more on J C Penny.


Louis Boston’s leader extraordinaire Murray Pearlstein passed away this week.  Prior to the UBER talented Debi Greenberg leading the helm, it was her father that truly built Louis Boston into the iconic fashion retailer it is today (click here to read about reversecommuter’s girl & style crush).  Here is Debi with Jason Wu – by the way, he recognizes her as one of the first real breaks he got in fashion!


Murray was the second generation to run Louis Boston, but he was a trailblazer who dictated how fashion and retail should be.  He went to Italy, he worked with designers, he had designers work for him in house (Joseph Aboud for example) and Debi grew up under an exceptional eye for fashion.   Boston is grateful, as is the fashion world.



Doctor’s Orders

I am truly lucky.  Only injury as a result of the Boston Marathon (click here for more) is a neuroma on my foot (aka really angry nerves as a result of a lot of miles).  Needless to say, my heart goes out to all of those affected.


Podiatrist gave me the best prescription a girl could ask for….


Wear Heels!


WHOOP WHOOP – for medicinal purposes reversecommuter is going shoe shopping….

Burberry jacket, Club Monaco silk shell (awesome wardrobe staple), Levi’s jeans, Prada sandals, Hermes belt, Tom Ford sunglasses.

All in My Closet….


I had to go out and find the perfect white top, today! (click here to read about obsession).


Click here to buy one.  I have the slim silk version, there is also the classic and the classic cotton….variety really is the spice of life!

Thanks for all the AWESOME suggestions by the by!


All in My Head

I am in search of the perfect white shirt.


Not too structured, no lycra, no detail, just a plain, crisp white shirt.   I have a few in my closet, a variety of styles and price points, everything from DVF, Calypso to Fendi and Dolce & Gabana.  And you can click here to see a bunch at…but it’s still not THE one I am dreaming of.

It’ll be just perfect with washed out boyfriend denim, flip flops and a little gold jewelry…..

Small Window Flash!

Trench coats allow a small mercy…


get a great coat and you look FAB!  Even when racing for the school bus, running behind schedule and wrapped up with a dog’s leash.


Jeans, t-shirt, ballet flats or heels and an amazing trench…


Ba-Da-Bing!   But only until the warm weather arrives, then the outfit needs to count just a little more.


J Crew classic trench @ $ 298.00


Joe Fresh @ $49.00


J.Crew is a FANTASTIC option for a gorgeous trench at a wallet-friendly price (LOVE THAT!).  Joe Fresh offers a bright print option on the trench and at $49 it is a no-brainer!!!  Click the blue and buy one of them!

Dolce & Gabana trench (click here for more on this trench) Club Monaco pyjama pants, Gucci patent pumps, Missoni glasses.

Hole in One!

Recently bought the best jeans ever…


or atleast the best this year…capris, medium waist (flattering for anyone who’s had a child or three…), look like they’ve been mine for ever…


okay, definitely the best this far this Spring!


click the blue, buy them at (only place you can find them!)

Rag & Bone jeans, Joie top, Prada Sport wedges.

Fashion & Finance Friday!



Okay, I feel better now, on to Fashion & Finance Friday!!!

The Real Real (online resale fashion site) just got $14 MILLION in funding.  The investors applauded the market place that The Real Real has created, and the fair payment ratio created in their business model has translated into multiple repeat consigner customers.  Click the blue to check it out.

Adidas has created a t-shirt to help raise funds for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  100% of the proceeds go to the OneFund, a fund set up by the city of Boston to help the victims.   Please click the blue to contribute.


click the blue to buy the tshirt

Have  a phenomenal weekend, dress up and be fashionably fierce…even in the burbs!

xo reversecommuter.


A little yard work…

Living in the burbs means yard work


Sadly, reversecommuter is no longer safely surrounded by a concrete jungle


Need to tend to the natural elements (obviously it takes a while for some to acclimatize!)


Luckily the mini tuck still reigns supreme (click the blue for a refresher)

Chaiken Bermuda shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, Hermes belt, Louboutin black pumps, Chanel sunglasses.