Success is in the Mini Tuck

Ever feel lost in all the material?


Love your outfit – just not on you?


Jonathan Simkhai (click here to learn all about reversecommuter’s new fave designer) put together an outfit for me with a cool new addition – the mini tuck!


Blousie tops with voluminous material can swamp you, so just add a mini tuck at the front waist.



Theory pants, Jonathan Simkhai poncho top, Balenciaga booties, Hermes belt.

tuc3 boots

18 thoughts on “Success is in the Mini Tuck

  1. Everything I see here on you I like very much and, in my oppinion, suits you very much, except for one single item: the trousers – I hate those kind of trousers – honest, look around you, I think the most gorgeous of figure looks ……,.wrong! with those cut-off legs and those beautiful bouties. The legs longer and the bottom part of those divine bouts to show – that is elegance – again! in my humble opinion.

  2. Beautiful! you always look sooooooooooo pretty!!! nice shoes! 🙂 and i love the ring as well! 🙂 have a great day Patricia!

  3. I just bought a couple tops online that I didn’t like cuz of all the material, I’ll retry them with the mini tuck action, thanks! You look fab.

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