Boston Marathon 2013 – what to wear?!?

The Boston Marathon is 6 days away!  Running 26.2 miles, all the while raising money for cancer research.  Here is the freshly painted finish line (thanks EPG!).


This is another compilation of potential running outfits.  reversecommuter decided to borrow from the style of a great blog out of Italy,  Fiammisday (click the blue to be enchanted!).  Fiammisday styles & stages children’s outfits on a daily basis.   Grazie Bella for the inspiration!


reversecommuter is watching the weather forecasts closely…guess I won’t know what to wear until April 15th (but it is ALWAYS good to have outfit choices, even when running a marathon!).




13 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2013 – what to wear?!?

  1. The old knees won’t make it through a marathon, but I’ve done a few 10Ks, and what to wear was always an issue for me as well. Do I start out cold and finish warm, or start out warm an finish hot. And depending on how cold it was, gloves were also a consideration. Serious runners seem to strip down, but I guess I’m too much of a cold weather wimp to pull that off. I always wished I could do it like cyclists in the peloton, ie just throw stuff away as I warmed up. Best of Luck … for the race, and for picking the right outfit. ~James

  2. I love the bright red (or is it pink) shorts/tank towards bottom of pic. How cool that u r raising $ for cancer research – good luck this week and have fun!

  3. I like ’em all but my fav is the turq shorts and the white sports bra and pink sneaks! Good luck, Patricia and congrats on such a tremendous effort and great cause! I know you will be the best dressed runner there!

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