Hole in One!

Recently bought the best jeans ever…


or atleast the best this year…capris, medium waist (flattering for anyone who’s had a child or three…), look like they’ve been mine for ever…


okay, definitely the best this far this Spring!


click the blue, buy them at netaporter.com (only place you can find them!)

Rag & Bone jeans, Joie top, Prada Sport wedges.

12 thoughts on “Hole in One!

    • One of the reasons (and there are SO MANY) that I love net-a-porter so much is that I can order a kabazillion pairs of jeans, try them on at home and then send back what doesn’t work (usually a very small package goes back….).
      With 3 children and a BANANAS schedule it really is the little luxuries in life that make me super happy!
      Hope you like them!

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