All in My Head

I am in search of the perfect white shirt.


Not too structured, no lycra, no detail, just a plain, crisp white shirt.   I have a few in my closet, a variety of styles and price points, everything from DVF, Calypso to Fendi and Dolce & Gabana.  And you can click here to see a bunch at…but it’s still not THE one I am dreaming of.

It’ll be just perfect with washed out boyfriend denim, flip flops and a little gold jewelry…..

13 thoughts on “All in My Head

  1. I love the look too. I search far and wide each season to find the right one and no matter the maker, they are ‘done’ by the end of the season. At least for me anyway:)
    By the by, the ones that seem to retain that just perfect crisp but flowing feeling are the ones I’ve purchased for my dressage competitions….even though the collars have more of a mandarin look.

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