Fashion & Finance Friday!

Nothing in the world better than a sunny, blue skied Friday!

Unless you are the CEO of J C Penny, then George Soros buying 7.9% of the beaten up retailer totally trumps the sunshine!  George’s investment caused an impressive 7% increase in J C Penny’s stock price last night – Joe Fresh I am sure was doing a happy dance too!  Click here for more on J C Penny.


Louis Boston’s leader extraordinaire Murray Pearlstein passed away this week.  Prior to the UBER talented Debi Greenberg leading the helm, it was her father that truly built Louis Boston into the iconic fashion retailer it is today (click here to read about reversecommuter’s girl & style crush).  Here is Debi with Jason Wu – by the way, he recognizes her as one of the first real breaks he got in fashion!


Murray was the second generation to run Louis Boston, but he was a trailblazer who dictated how fashion and retail should be.  He went to Italy, he worked with designers, he had designers work for him in house (Joseph Aboud for example) and Debi grew up under an exceptional eye for fashion.   Boston is grateful, as is the fashion world.



2 thoughts on “Fashion & Finance Friday!

  1. I am sorry to hear of Mr. Pearlstein’s passing. My father, who was a clothing designer too, worked with both Mr. Pearlstein and Mr. Aboud in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Mr. Pearlstein definitely is a fashion and retail icon who will be sadly missed.

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