Fashion & Finance Friday!

HEAT WAVE FRIDAY!!!!!!!  Break out that maxi and keep cool!


Macy’s is guilty of some self-love!  The retailer is investing over $400 MILLION into the NYC flagship.  The renovation is divided into 4 phases, and will add over 100,000 square feet bring the total shop size to 1.2 MILLION square feet which covers over ten levels of shopping floors between now and Fall 2015.  Plans include building the LARGEST shoe department of 39,000 square feet – capable of holding 300,000 pairs of shoes!!!!!!!  Clearly Macy’s takes it’s existing title of “World’s Largest Store” extremely serious.


WAHOOOIEY – those kind of numbers can really excite a girl with an appreciation for all things fashion!


Tory Burch is going after the counterfeiters in a big bad way!  Apparently learning of the fakes directly from clients who were proudly displaying the big ol’ T’s around their necks, Tory Burch and her legal beagles are opening cases against a bunch of “industrial entrepreneurs” who are brazen enough to sell their knockoffs directly to trade shows and retailers, with orders amounting to thousands of dollars.  Tory is even going after retailers who bought from the companies who made the knockoffs!  reversecommuter thinks that is a little aggressive considering the store owner went to a show, placed an order and received the goods thinking they were legitimate.  Absolutely hit the counterfeiters but attacking the shop owner is a little wonky!


Find a body of water, slap on a fabulous fashionable hat, and enjoy the weekend!

xo reversecommuter

Slam Dunk

Perseverance, it always pays off.


Especially when the subject is shoes.


Remember the mild obsession I had for the Celine leather bootie espadrilles? Click here to read about how I called all 3 Celine boutiques in the US, Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman in my attempt to find them – all to no avail!


Imagine the ABSOLUTE glee when I stumbled upon this pair at Barney’s in Boston, which they were unpacking from Paris!!!!!!


Why So Complicated?

Clothes should not frustrate you – plain and simple.


reversecommuter loved this dress (click here to read about it), but when I went to try it on I literally got tangled in the change room!   There was an extra layer inserted at the waist to reduce how see through it was, but it was SO encasing and confusing!


Luckily I was in James Perse (click the blue to ooooh and awwww on the website) and it is not difficult to find something to love in that shop!


Went with the ruched blue grey tank dress instead – no tangles,no confusion, and the ruching is BEYOND forgiving (you can adjust the ruching to wherever you might need more!)  Click the pic to go buy one…


James Perse tank dress, Prada Sport cork wedges, Chanel sunglasses.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Now that we have had a taste of summer’s hot & hazy days, a wardrobe addition is in order:

DVF Grecian Gorgeousness  (click the pic to find your inner Greek Goddess…)


or perhaps a flowy “glam pink” dress – honestly how can you not buy a dress in a color named “glam pink”?!?!?!  (click the pic and get yourself some Glam Pink Pronto!)


cool and easy dresses – look fab while the heat waves’ hit!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Looooooooong Weekends are the BEST!

Lots of fantastic numbers being reported this week!  Gap Inc leads the way with 42.9% Q1 growth in profit – that is a lot of t-shirts (such good basic tees!).


Armani enjoyed another stellar year, announcing 20% profit gain for 2012.  Apparently Giorgio is going to be putting some of that right back into his company in the form of a new boutique in Cannes.  Guess the pop up was convincingly profitable!


Somebody is interested in buying Sak’s…or atleast that is the rumor on the street and it is so convincing that the stock is up 20% in the past two days!  Sak’s Fifth Avenue just announced it’s Q1 income as 20 MILLION – so whoever is potentially shopping around will obviously have deep pockets!



Enjoy the Loooooooooong Weekend – slap on a party outfit, get a blow out and feel like the  fierce fabulous fashionable creature you are meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those Pants!

Another ridiculously fun day of taping South Shore Style TV…


which allowed for the perfect excuse to break out the Jonathan Simkhai pants (click here to read all about reversecommuter’s love for all things designed by Jonathan Simkhai).  This designer has been garnering SO much well deserved attention, it is so exciting to see genius talent recognized!


Whenever you find yourself humming & hawing over an investment in designer clothing, ALWAYS go with your gut – if it is a tremendous piece, you will have it in your wardrobe for a very long time and every single time you wear it the happiness will be immeasurable!

True Dat!

Maxi-mize your Assets

When reversecommuter starting her Spring wardrobe shopping, I was not impressed with the number of maxi dresses in the shops…


…until I put one on and remembered how EASY a piece it is!!!!


net-a-porter has an impressive array of maxi dresses ranging from $122 through to $4K…click here to get some retail therapy!

LOVE the DVF (qu’elle surprise).  Click the pic to buy.


But what is sweeter than white eyelet?  Merci Michael Kors!  (click the pic to buy)


OOH LA LA – DKNY steals my heart with this fab little black number  (click the pic to go buy).


Heels / Flats / Flip Flops / Ponytail / Bun / Hair Down + Maxi Dress = AWESOMENESS!

Shark Shooter

The best clothes to invest in are the ones that can translate well from one personality of your life to another – in the same day!

One minute reversecommuter is in the sandbox, playground, painting studio, playgroup or some other kid centric  activity – usually acting like the biggest kid in the group (much to my children’s chagrin!).


Flat shoes are ideal as is comfortability – this DOES NOT mean a complete sacrifice to style nor fashion!


Same day, different section of life – perhaps a blogging event, fashion focus or television taping.  Bring in the heels, slap on a jacket, wipe off the Keihl’s lip balm and hello bright matte lipstick (click here for current fave hot pink Cha-Cha).


Invest in pieces that have flexibility in appearance and purpose.  Find some solid basics that you can always reach for.  Each season introduce some fun & updated items (i.e. gladiator sandals).


J. Crew shorts, Theory tank, Sam Edelman gladiator sandals, Prada blazer, Louboutin pumps.

And now for the inaugural reversecommuter youtube video!


Designers are no dummies!  If it works once, why not bring it back?

Alexander Wang is definitely a fan of that with his Spring 2013 Collection.  Granted the man has been busy, what with heading up his own line and now Balenciaga as well.


reversecommuter bought this dress in Spring 2012,  (click here for more info)


and here it is in a royal blue offering for Spring 2013 (click here to buy and see it in a larger picture!)

Celine had a spectacular pair of leather bootie espadrille wedges for Spring 2012.  You know how there is one that got away every season?  These were mine.


They are back a la  Spring 2013 (and still IMPOSSIBLE to find to purchase and still an absolute OBSESSION of mine!).

Clearly a fab example of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  As well as a Super Fab example of wise purchasing power!!!!!!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

F-R-I-D-A-Y Where Have you Been All This Week?!?!?!?

That is a lotta cheese to lose!  reversecommuter is referring to the Q1 results announced for JC Penny.  $ 348 MILLION – need I point out that a Quarter is a mere 4 month period of time!!!!!

Rue La La partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital for a PHENOMENAL fundraising event last night in Boston.


With a spectacular view of the city and the harbor, models showed off the best in jeans, t-shirts, handbags and shoes from designers such as Hermes, Bottega Venetta, Celine, Tom Ford, Gucci, Chanel, Louboutin, Balenciaga and more!




Nothing like a pile of orange boxes and a bevy of Cha-Cha to make a girl smile!  (click here for the Cha-Cha reversecommuter relationship).



reversecommuter was beyond excited to be invited to the event, dubbed “Rue With A View”, and WOW did it ever live up to it’s uber clever name!  Special Thanks to ST!


Shopping is rarely a challenge for me, but when the proceeds are directed towards aiding sick children, my shopping skills really shone!  Luckily there were some fab Tom Ford sunglasses to help!!


Enjoy the weekend – dress up and wear the special stuff!!!

xo reversecommuter