YAWN!!!!!!!!   I am from Toronto, living in Boston – translation, I was up quite late watching playoff hockey (the only type of hockey I watch, truth be told!)


Not sure if the cool morning is a result of my sleepiness or the chilly May weather.


reversecommuter refuses to wait for the warm weather – shorts and sweaters solve the immediate problem.  Bring on summer!


Layers are truly the only route to happiness so sneak a cute tee under the sweater just in case it warms up!


Sam Edelman sandals, Chaiken shorts, Alexander Wang sweater.

6 thoughts on “GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. reverse commuter, just had this same discussion with another mom on walk to school, i am done with winter clothes. Bring on the shorts! Speaking of done, amazing series from both teams and I could not be happier this am (major Bruins fan here). Happy Tuesday! xx, kate

    • Happy Tuesday indeed – a little bleary eyed in the am (where did the days go when I could stay up till 2 then get to the gym before work?!?!)

      Layer Layer Layer and eventually the sun will come out!

  2. Although I was born in Orlando, my dad’s from Detroit–translation, I’ve been staying up way too late watching my Wings miraculously managing to keep up with these younger, rougher teams. And I’m loving your monochromatic spring outfit.

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