Designers are no dummies!  If it works once, why not bring it back?

Alexander Wang is definitely a fan of that with his Spring 2013 Collection.  Granted the man has been busy, what with heading up his own line and now Balenciaga as well.


reversecommuter bought this dress in Spring 2012,  (click here for more info)


and here it is in a royal blue offering for Spring 2013 (click here to buy and see it in a larger picture!)

Celine had a spectacular pair of leather bootie espadrille wedges for Spring 2012.  You know how there is one that got away every season?  These were mine.


They are back a la  Spring 2013 (and still IMPOSSIBLE to find to purchase and still an absolute OBSESSION of mine!).

Clearly a fab example of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  As well as a Super Fab example of wise purchasing power!!!!!!

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