Shark Shooter

The best clothes to invest in are the ones that can translate well from one personality of your life to another – in the same day!

One minute reversecommuter is in the sandbox, playground, painting studio, playgroup or some other kid centric  activity – usually acting like the biggest kid in the group (much to my children’s chagrin!).


Flat shoes are ideal as is comfortability – this DOES NOT mean a complete sacrifice to style nor fashion!


Same day, different section of life – perhaps a blogging event, fashion focus or television taping.  Bring in the heels, slap on a jacket, wipe off the Keihl’s lip balm and hello bright matte lipstick (click here for current fave hot pink Cha-Cha).


Invest in pieces that have flexibility in appearance and purpose.  Find some solid basics that you can always reach for.  Each season introduce some fun & updated items (i.e. gladiator sandals).


J. Crew shorts, Theory tank, Sam Edelman gladiator sandals, Prada blazer, Louboutin pumps.

And now for the inaugural reversecommuter youtube video!

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