Fashion & Finance Friday!

HEAT WAVE FRIDAY!!!!!!!  Break out that maxi and keep cool!


Macy’s is guilty of some self-love!  The retailer is investing over $400 MILLION into the NYC flagship.  The renovation is divided into 4 phases, and will add over 100,000 square feet bring the total shop size to 1.2 MILLION square feet which covers over ten levels of shopping floors between now and Fall 2015.  Plans include building the LARGEST shoe department of 39,000 square feet – capable of holding 300,000 pairs of shoes!!!!!!!  Clearly Macy’s takes it’s existing title of “World’s Largest Store” extremely serious.


WAHOOOIEY – those kind of numbers can really excite a girl with an appreciation for all things fashion!


Tory Burch is going after the counterfeiters in a big bad way!  Apparently learning of the fakes directly from clients who were proudly displaying the big ol’ T’s around their necks, Tory Burch and her legal beagles are opening cases against a bunch of “industrial entrepreneurs” who are brazen enough to sell their knockoffs directly to trade shows and retailers, with orders amounting to thousands of dollars.  Tory is even going after retailers who bought from the companies who made the knockoffs!  reversecommuter thinks that is a little aggressive considering the store owner went to a show, placed an order and received the goods thinking they were legitimate.  Absolutely hit the counterfeiters but attacking the shop owner is a little wonky!


Find a body of water, slap on a fabulous fashionable hat, and enjoy the weekend!

xo reversecommuter

4 thoughts on “Fashion & Finance Friday!

  1. I completely agree with you. Go after the counterfeiters but instead of going after the store owners, offer them a free class in how to tell the fakes from the real thing.

  2. I’d advice Tory Burch to pay Karama in Dubai a visit. I’ve been wanting a pair of (authentic) Reva Ballets for ages, but decided not to buy any since its one of the most popular counterfeit items in Dubai and I don’t want people to think I’ve got them in Karama. I think it’s ok that they target the shop owners, – they also have a responsibility to check that they’ve got the real deal..

    • I agree to a point but the fact that the counterfeiters were selling the knock offs at a trade show is bananas!!!!!
      For the price of the Revas you are not that far off a pair of ChaChas…
      just saying!


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