Fashion & Finance Friday!

That was a FAST one! Friday already!!!


Hermes is going to change it’s signature box from orange to red if LVMH doesn’t back off!! Specifically there has been some sneaky shares purchased – 22.6% to be exact – which has enabled LVMH to become a major shareholder. The AMF (the SEC in France) has slapped LVMH with a 10 MILLION EURO fine for being underhanded in it’s acquisition of Hermes’ shares. LVMH has stated that they do not know how the purchase of shares happened “You know, we found ourselves owning shares in this company…unexpectedly.”, said CEO Bernard Arnault. That is a strangely similar response my children give when trying to avoid ownership of a mistake “uh, I don’t know.”.

jason-wu09Lots and Lots and Lots of designers presented Resort Collections this past week – Balenciaga, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler etc. Surprisingly lots of black and white, the shorts continued to be a prevalent trend and leather is NOT GOING ANYWHERE (YAHOOOOOO!!!). The gorgeous green leather coat pictured about is Jason Wu’s (click here to read more about Wunderful Jason Wu).

Live a little larger this weekend – slap on some strappy shoes and dance for a minimum of 30 minutes (60 if champs is involved!!)

xo reversecommuter


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