Shorts & Iced Coffee

Survival plan for reversecommuter for Day 3 of the Boston Heat Wave!

tank5 tank4 tank2

FYI have you tried the instant iced coffee from Starbucks?  MILDLY ADDICTED (caps prove the caffeine must be coursing through my veins!!).  Click here to go get yourself some!


J Crew shorts, DVF tank, Celine espadrilles & Tom Ford sunglasses.

10 thoughts on “Shorts & Iced Coffee

  1. i love this look on You – Hair UPPPPPPPP 🙂
    how tall are you 5’11 ?
    very glamourous and love love the shoes xxxx
    happy to see you again
    love to you in Boston
    I miss the Ocean Like CRAZY !

  2. YESSSSS!!! I was addicted for a while, until I realized it was the sugar content that was doing me in. Whomp..whomp.. but it’s perfect for travel. Great gams by the way!

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