Happy Yellow!

Name a color that brings more happiness?

It’s the perfect POP color – for any season! Store that away for a gray January day…

Color blocking is still trending – even being shown in shoes for fall – great news for one of my fave skirts!


Roger Doger Roller Rabbit!

Roberta Roller Rabbit is one groovy fab alliteration of fashion!  (TripleR from now on in this post!)


Batik inspired prints, bright brilliant colors and gorgeous pieces – yummaroooooo!


Tunics, dresses, bags, perfect beach hats, bikinis & coverups, scarves, pj’s, children’s tunics, bedding, etc.


Monkeys, whales, fish, exotic prints and an electric rainbow of choices!


Founder Roberta Freymann – who had the most impressive fashion career prior to establishing this legendary name – first fell in love with Morocco as a child on a family trip, and that is where the shopping began!  (tell me this isn’t my kind of fashion fairy tale?!)


The one and only Roberta Freymann & Roberta Roller Rabbit shops (there are within a block of each other) but happily the website is hellagood and allows one to satisy any TripleR Urge!  Click here to shop your little heart away!


There was a fabulous little shop in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, called KatyDid that carried an impressive array of Roberta Roller Rabbit & Roberta Freymann products.  Click here to like their FB page.  reversecommuter is now the proud owner of her own impressive array of TripleR products thanks to said fab little shop!   🙂

Cloudy Comfies

Even cloudy days are relaxing on vacation.

Alexander Wang is a t-shirt genius. Mixing in a little linen makes a regular tee special.

And if La Perla makes the drawstring pants you know you are in the comfy zone all day long. Time to curl up with a fab book and watch the waves!


Squishy Pants

It’s not as bad as it sounds…

It’s how my youngest describes the feel of my Mudpie pants.

Each year out on Martha’s Vineyard I buy a pair of these (different patterns obviously). So comfy & cute!

Easy to wear, rolls up in a ball in a suitcase and works with flip flops or a little heel. Click here to check out the Mudpie line! http://www.mud-pie.com/c-1071-pants.aspx?1=1


Cool White Shirt

Amazing how a white shirt – even with long sleeves – can be so cool in the heat.

Add a pair of cut offs and havaianas and it’s all good.

If only it was this easy in the winter…


Sun kissed & sundresses

James Perse. It’s no secret that I am a fan.

Simplicity meets fashion.

One piece dressing is the perfect summer solution – especially if on vacation!


PS the Internet is SO unpredictable on island, so please know that I will respond to comments …as soon as I can! I have been posting via my cel phone!!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hot Diggity It’s Friday! Pop the champs!!!

Nordstrom has starting pinning its most popular items in its stores. Pinterest is beginning to take on many different lives – so fun!!
Interestingly I was just in Nordstrom’s and noticed the signage on certain items denoting the popular Pinterest inventory!


It’s good to date the man with the moves…like Jagger!
L’Wren Scott has been ‘hired’ to costume the Rolling Stones for their next tour. Extremely wise move Mick!


Enjoy the weekend & don’t forget to show some leg – it’s summer!!!
xo reversecommuter

Fancy Pants = Inexpensive Shorts

Silk t-shirt, lace shorts, wedges.

Done & done.

Thanks to Club Monaco the price is kind & gentle – all the more reason to celebrate with a little ice cream!