Happy Halloween!


Creating a costume is as easy as a black jumpsuit, a fab hat from Grand in Road and a super spidery ring.  Click the blue to go get that hat!


Don’t let the children have all the fun – DRESS UP!!!!!!!!!



Skin is In!

Perhaps it’s the shorter days or the cooler weather…but all of a sudden reversecommuter is thinking jammies!


You know, the kind that you can curl up in and watch the WORLD SERIES in…GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Specifically SKIN jammies.    Susan Beischel’s line is luxurious, priced gently, beyond comfy and a serious step up from yoga pants (don’t get me started!).  Click here for previous SKIN love.


Now found not only on SKIN’s own website but also on net-a-porter (click the blue to shop your little heart away!)


Now if you will excuse me, I need to go wait at the door for Brown Santa to arrive (aka the UPS man!!).

FYI throughout the posting, click the picture to go directly to that item.

Don’t Get Fleeced!

Fleece is not an option.


Plain and simple it is time to mix it up.


Find a fun jacket, opt for wool or cashmere.


While juggling a kazillion errands, children, finances etc, why not wear something that makes you feel a little like a princess?


DVF coat, MOTHER skinny jeans, old school Gucci loafers, Tom Ford sunglasses.

Pink Shots

October is the month to raise money for Breast Cancer research.


It is also a fantastic excuse to pull out all the hot pink in your closet…


Or slap some on your nails…


Variety is the spice of life and this month there is an abundance of events for the Pink cause.


reversecommuter was fortunate enough to attend the Breast Cancer Research Foundation luncheon, a sea of pink and Estee Lauder’s closest friends celebrating the organization she founded and the woman herself.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an amazing organization that delivers .91 of every dollar directly to research – that is an impressive number!


reversecommuter was also lucky enough to hit the Tryst Studio breast cancer event where guests were treated to THE BEST eyebrow shaping while donating to BCRF.


reversecommuter first met the Tryst girls while filming SSStv and the love was immediate!


As a result of the dedication towards this fundraising event the love has been upped!



Tryst Studio is not only THE spot for brow maintenance, the owner is also developing a make up line – guaranteed good things to come from this gorgeous little spa!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

BOOOOO – Friday has arrived!


Away she goes…again.  Jil Sander has left her namesake brand, for the third time.  Prada bought the company in 1999, and since then Jil has left her company 3 times, always for personal reasons, aka she doesn’t work well under others.  This is completely understandable, it was her company that she founded back in 1968, and it was her minimalist lines that created a following.  Sensitive artist types!


Choupette rules!  King Karl has just released a capsule collection of kitty cat inspired pieces including key chains, hats, purses and iEverything covers.


reversecommuter has happily found her iPhone case of choice.  MEOW!!!!!!

Veronica Beard – the stylish, talented, pretty sister-in-law design team that reinvented the blazer & dickie as their first act (WOWZER!!!!!) is a CFDA finalist, and in reversecommuter’s humble opinion, BEYOND deserving of a win.  Click here to read more Veronica Beard love…

Here are the nominees (click the pic to read more).


The line has evolved with each collection since their 2010 launch, now delivering sexy curve appealing pants and leather pieces that  are drool demanding!  November 11th will deliver the winner…fingers crossed for the dynamic duo of delicious designs!


It’s Halloween Weekend so dress up, pop the champs and scare someone…with your phenomenal fashion style!

xo reversecommuter

Soft Kitten Velvet

Perhaps reversecommuter will blame it on the arrival of the cooler temps….


reversecommuter pick – Christopher Kane

Maybe the blame lays with the undeniable talent of Christopher Kane and Valentino….

reversecommuter pick - Valentino t-bar pump

reversecommuter pick – Valentino t-bar pump

Or Victoria Beckham who can recreate a pair of jeans into pure genius…


reversecommuter pick – Victoria Beckham velvet jeans

Whoever is to blame, velvet is my current obsession!

ps click the picks to buy

Iman, reversecommuter and Shoes!

Last time I hung out with Iman (how fun is that as a sentence?!?!  click here to revisit), she made a point of apologizing for her choice of shoes.  “It is always about the shoes…except today, for medical reasons.”


Well said Iman…(insert sympathy shot here)….


Suddenly I find myself in the land of forbidden heels, as in reversecommuter is forbidden to wear heels.  I KNOW!  IT’S DOWN RIGHT CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (it’s just a running injury but it does affect shoe selection)


Pretty decent reason to pull out the over the knee boots.  Lemons, lemonade, yaddah yaddah!


J Brand jeans, Fiorini + Baker boots, Boy London flannel houndstooth shirt (warm option instead of a sweater).