Fashion & Finance Friday!

How is it ALREADY Friday?  LOVE when that happens!!!!


Amazon is continuing it’s quest to become the fashion world’s one stop shopping site.  Really.  The online behemoth has just added luxury make-up and skin care to its line up.  Click here to buy a jug of LaPrarie then jump over regular ol’ Amazon and pick up some grocery supplies and maybe a book.  Didn’t anyone ever mention to Jeff Bezos that it is not ideal to be all things to all people in the world of retail?  Click the blue for more…


Speaking of luxury shopping and make-up (clever segway huh?) there was a flurry of gossip surrounding reversecommuter’s favorite site,  WWD had a story run earlier in the week that suggested that was planning on buying net-a-porter.


HAPPILY Princess Natalie (the UBER gifter fashion visionary that created net-a-porter & mr. porter) is not reliquishing control of the kingdom anytime soon.  Net-a-porter quickly shot down the rumors and the most luxurious of all luxury shopping sites is not for sale, thank you very much!  (can you hear my exhale of relief? net-a-porter is my happy place!!!! – click the blue if you don’t believe me!)

Enjoy the looooooong weekend and feel free to pack a fashionable something and an extra bottle of bubbles for the trip!

xo reversecommuter

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