RA RA RA Rick Owens!

jkt6This happens every fall, with one designer.  Once described by Anna Wintour as one of her “Most Fabulous Recent Discoveries” – WOWZER Endorsement!!!!!!!


I fall back in love with Rick Owens.  The “Glunge” maker (grunge and luxury combo term he coined himself).


His body hugging cuts, exaggerated sleeves, curvy lines and ridiculously luxurious leathers, subtle quilting and elasticated sleeves (a trademark for his leather jackets).


His rich deep colors, obvious in relation to the season, black, chocolate brown, dove grey, winter white.  Makes reversecommuter near giddy with love!


20 thoughts on “RA RA RA Rick Owens!

  1. I know it s about the jacket, which I absolutely wish I could have (so chic and sport that I would wear it almost every day) but I have to say that I am in love with these trousers too!!! Xo

  2. You already know I love your style (judging by my comments :)). I bet you can guess what my favorite thing is, from this whole outfit 🙂

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