Beware the Blow Out!

Scary, spooky title – most deserving of the season.   It could have easily been “I don’t wanta be a Fanta girl!”…equally frightening!!!!!

reversecommuter loves the quick investment of $50 for a blowout for an instant pick me up.  So imagine the squeal of happiness when a new blowout bar opened out in the ‘burbs, complete with an iPad menu of styles to select from.



The first clue to run should have been when I was told that curls would be my choice, yet still I went forward with faith….



The beauty of a blowout is that a professionally trained hairdresser pampers you and you float out in a hazy happy tressed out trance.  The ideal outcome should NOT be hearing a high pitched Fantana Fanta Girl theme song all the while desperately searching for a spot to rinse & repeat to ditch the do!



Lesson learnt, no more horrific hair affairs – reversecommuter is once again pledging allegiance to her stylist.

7 thoughts on “Beware the Blow Out!

  1. next time in SNORONTO – u better visit ……..:) ya hear ? xxx 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i miss Boston with all my heart xo
    and thanks for the sweet comment –
    i can’t find your email – so ……….

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