Iman, reversecommuter and Shoes!

Last time I hung out with Iman (how fun is that as a sentence?!?!  click here to revisit), she made a point of apologizing for her choice of shoes.  “It is always about the shoes…except today, for medical reasons.”


Well said Iman…(insert sympathy shot here)….


Suddenly I find myself in the land of forbidden heels, as in reversecommuter is forbidden to wear heels.  I KNOW!  IT’S DOWN RIGHT CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (it’s just a running injury but it does affect shoe selection)


Pretty decent reason to pull out the over the knee boots.  Lemons, lemonade, yaddah yaddah!


J Brand jeans, Fiorini + Baker boots, Boy London flannel houndstooth shirt (warm option instead of a sweater).

20 thoughts on “Iman, reversecommuter and Shoes!

  1. I though of you the other day! You’d be so proud of my outfit I put together! I got myself out of my sweats and beater usual mom house look. Wore a hip jacket and these cute buckle shoes! Ug so thankful for you 🙂

  2. it is quite the cruel punishment to not be able to wear heels due to medical reasons!
    good thing there are plenty of fabulous flats out there, your boots definitely a great example.
    ummm by the way, can’t believe you met Iman!! lucky you!!

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