Soft Kitten Velvet

Perhaps reversecommuter will blame it on the arrival of the cooler temps….


reversecommuter pick – Christopher Kane

Maybe the blame lays with the undeniable talent of Christopher Kane and Valentino….

reversecommuter pick - Valentino t-bar pump

reversecommuter pick – Valentino t-bar pump

Or Victoria Beckham who can recreate a pair of jeans into pure genius…


reversecommuter pick – Victoria Beckham velvet jeans

Whoever is to blame, velvet is my current obsession!

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12 thoughts on “Soft Kitten Velvet

  1. Velvet huh…not sure if I have anything in my wardrobe that is velvet and it so reminds me of Liberace. Hmmm….maybe I’ll look for a pair of oxblood velvet jeans – what do you think – yes or no>

  2. What is it about velvet? I love to say it, love to feel it, love to wear it. (**On another topic, can’t wait to show you my new Kate Spade eyeglass frames! Polka dots! But hopefully in a classy sassy way. YOU can be the judge. I had some from Tiffany but they were too big for my face so I exchanged them for the KS. Normally I only wear Chanel but my optician doesn’t carry the brand…)
    PS Geez, I sound like SUCH the elitist snob, don’t I? LOL)

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