Worth Every Penny

reversecommuter has a new man in her life…the cobbler.


Perhaps one too many struts across the cobblestone streets of Boston is to blame, but some of my heels need some love!


Ironically the cobbler visit made me realize that investing in great quality, designer pieces really is a wise choice.  Proper care (ie new lifts on the heels) only extends the life and encourages the same type of investments.

Good Shoe Rules:

1. NEVER be the girl who goes “TICKTICKTICK” across the floor (it means the nail head is exposed & you need new lifts)

2. When the red wears off the soles, it’s time to replace the Loubies!

Click here to visit Louboutin and increase the value of your shoe portfolio!  

9 thoughts on “Worth Every Penny

  1. I agree! I hate being the tick tick tick girl. The first time it happened to me I almost slipped! But I learned my lesson, the cobbler is a shoe lovin gal’s best friend.

  2. I do try to keep my shoes in shape. Did you know some manufacturers have a refurbish shop?? Frye boots will do a refurbish on your boots! You know, “my A$$ kicker” boots as you and I affectionately call them- LOL!!!

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