Fashion and Finance Friday!

What is it about a Friday before a long weekend?!  YAY!


Before I get to the F&F, I wanted to take a minute to say “Thank You” to reversecommuter followers – your support, comments, likes and tweets mean the world to me!  Please find me on Instagram (@reversecommuter) and on Twitter (@reversecommutr).


File under the category of “He Said WHAT?!”  Chip Wilson, the man who founded Lulu Lemon, (and Canada’s 10th richest man interestingly enough), blamed curves and women who are not skinny for the see-thru quality of his yoga pants and also for the piling effect of said yoga pants.  Hey Chip, take a drive through the ‘burbs to realize you just insulted the majority of your clientele!

Chip lost reversecommuter 5 years ago when the New York Times exposed the Lulu Lemon “bamboo” pant as a complete hoax.    Click here to read more on that.  


Oprah is a copycat!  reversecommuter LOVES SKIN (click here to begin to obsess about SKIN!!).  Now that Oprah has released her Favorite Things list for 2013, the 12th item listed is none other than loungewear from SKIN!  How cool is it to say “Told you so!” to Oprah!  🙂      Click the blue to read the list & start your holiday shopping!

Enjoy the weekend and take the time to raise a glass of champs to all the service men & women, past and present, who collectively make bravery fashionable!

xo reversecommuter

17 thoughts on “Fashion and Finance Friday!

  1. I own a couple Lulu pants for men and absolutely love them. To my knowledge there are no other companies that have similar. I didn’t realize they didn’t sell plus-size and if they want to have the strategy of not selling them, that’s their choice. It’s a bad one, though.

    I did see something on FB where he was excoriated for blaming the piling and see-thru on women’s curves. I think it was a little unfair because he said something to the effect of their small pants can stretch enough for XL people to fit in them. So it’s for that reason the fabric gets compromised. So it’s not necessarily that he’s blaming curves. Basically – just because they can be worn, doesn’t mean it “fits.” Not sure there was an elegant way at all to say that. He probably should’ve kept his mouth shut.

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