Urban Suburban Yodel

J. Crew declared the “urban Heidi” as the new goto hairstyle (click the blue to read the howtos)


Back in the ‘burbs, reversecommuter has been calling it THE hairstyle to rock for the last days before a hair appointment for quite a long time (you know, when the desperation starts to set in…).


No middle pin back for me, although now I may give it a whirl!


Don’t let the last few remnants of  great hair dwindle into an unkept, messy ponytail – wash those goddess-like tresses and braid like a school girl!


FYI Ralph Lauren Pink sweater – Oprah was totally right to dub these a favorite thing a kazillion years ago.

24 thoughts on “Urban Suburban Yodel

      • hi You 🙂
        in the next video = hair is gonna be spazzy ……….
        like dance spazzy ……. with a Lanvin gown …..
        the director / mua is the same as the one who did Hearts Expire – .
        i have no idea what it’s gonna look like 🙂 LOL
        but did the braid today .
        super cute with mega shades xo
        love x C

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