French Cuff Fixation

reversecommuter LOVES french cuff shirts…probably because they demand accessorizing!  click the picture to purchase 


While in NYC last week (click here for more on that) a little trip to Bergdorf’s was in order…shockingly on the East Side of 5th Avenue – to the men’s Bergdorf!


How amazing are these 18K gold hand crafted cigar box replica cufflinks?  Complete with opening and closing mechanisms, a box of 18K gold cigars and the end of the cufflink in the shape of an actual stogie?  To be precise, they are $160,000 amazing!!!!  Click here to speak to the nice salesperson at Bergdorf…


These octopus cufflinks by Jan Leslie are a tad more reasonable at $395, and come in a rainbow of colors, click here to choose a pair!


Alexander McQueen rocks out skull cufflinks like no other – my husband’s collection proves that!  click here for Mr. Porter

There is a great blogger over at DeDivahDeals (click here to take a looksie) who requested some present selections for the dudes – hope this helps!

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