How do you say CashCash in Italian?

When would there be a better time to oooooh and awwwwwww over cashcash than during yet ANOTHER snow storm?!  (click here for a cashcash explanation/definition)


reversecommuter went to Italy and discovered an incredible jewel…Chianti Cashmere.


Nora Kravis came to the Chianti region from the US, over 35 years ago, and luckily for all of us, she and the cashmere goats settled in the most beautiful hills in a rustic farmhouse, and created “the Louis Vuitton of cashmere”.


reversecommuter is the ridiculously lucky owner of quite a few pieces from Chianti Cashmere (quelle surprise!) and I can vouch for the luxurious softness of their scarves, blankets and wraps.  Click here to shop!  (what a gorgeous phrase that is!)


Chianti Cashmere just gave their website a major overhaul – which in itself is amazing as Nora was over in Hong Kong at an international convention then jetted over to Iran and Kashmir to educate the farmers on sustainable cashmere practices.


Oh, and did I mention the U.S. government contracts that she is working on in regards to sustainable farming.  Nora = Superwoman…and I am not just saying that because I LOVE her cashmere!


10 thoughts on “How do you say CashCash in Italian?

  1. Excellent and interesting! Nora Kravis is certainly an inspirational person who, thankfully, has given a lot back. Anyone who hasn’t had something made of cashmere is in for a pleasant surprise when they finally do!

    • Right?!?!?! Beyond soft and the moment you start wearing it you can hear all the sheep bleeting in happiness that they can once again wear their hair long.
      Nora rocks almost as much as her cashcash does!

  2. I just checked out the webpage, those scarves are gorgeous! I love cashmere, it is wonderful to wear and keep looking good forever. Maybe I should buy myself a cashmere goat or two, -they could stay on my balcony:)

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