Layer it on me!

Just as the State of the Union is not just an excuse to stay up late…(anyone else tired today?),winter is not just for coats and jackets.


Especially winters that seem to last forever! (insert *$%#&*! here)


Start with serious layering such as silk or cotton long sleeve t-shirts, grab your favorite thick warm sweater, and top it off with a fun fur/faux vest.


Expand the winter wardrobe while fooling yourself into thinking it is getting closer to Spring!


FYI I found this Phillip Lim 3.1 sweater (alot of requests!) here at (click the blue, it’s on sale!)

FX Photo Studio_image

ps thank you for all the wonderful get well wishes – you totally made my day!!!!!!!!!

xo reversecommuter

13 thoughts on “Layer it on me!

  1. You look great! Stunning.
    Winter for many people puts them into a frame of mind where fashion becomes an afterthought. I’m no expert, though I believe wearing something that makes you feel good can at least help to brighten the day, especially during a long, grueling winter.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better!! Awesome outfit – those vests are so chic. A great way to express a free spirit and stay warm during this chilling time.

  3. Hello Gorgeous. I’m dying over this entire ensemble of an outfit. DYING. I would rock this look up one side and down the other. Also, I’m tired today. But not from staying up too late watching the POTUS speak. I promised Enchanted Seashells that I’d drink a bottle of wine for her traveling pain. Am I a good friend or what?!

  4. Yes, I am exhausted but staying up to listen to The Pres was worth it, plus I watch @Arsenio afterwards which makes me really sleepy in the am. I love this vest and guess what, I have one similar that I will showcase and link back to you my fashionable friend!

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