New reverse commuter.com feature!  O.W.O. – One Weekend Outfit, will now appear on Mondays!

photo 3 copy

This week’s O.W.O. is dedicated to Date Night.  Religiously we dedicate one night per weekend for grown up time.  YAY!

photo 1 copy 2

reversecommuter weekends are a challenge for the wardrobe.  The variety of sports and activities my children are in (obviously scheduled within 5 minutes of each other in locations atleast 5 miles apart!!) requires a casual approach that offers comfortability, practicality and for pete’s sake, a touch of style!

photo 2 copy

Date Night is not much different.  Choosing what to wear to transform into an adult ideally with a little sex appeal, while in mama mode is not as easy as one would guess!

photo 1 copy

Monochrome selection this weekend, navy blue is reversecommuter’s all-time fave color.  A silk top slinks it all up (which is highly recommended on date night).

photo 4


Slap on a little lipgloss, brush the hair, smooch the bunnies good night, put Bruno Mars on in the car en route to the restaurant and flirt with your dude like there is no tomorrow (or at the very least don’t let the Super Bowl dominate the dinner conversation!).

31 thoughts on “O.W.O.

  1. Love the energy of the photos! Every post of yours always has so much enthusiasm – which makes for excellent Monday morning reading 🙂
    My wife and I reserve our date night for Mondays and although I’m not a huge sports fan, she often has to endure through my photography ramblings! Anyway, it’s fun to head out and enjoy a night out away from home – at least once/week!

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