Puffy Fatique

Puffer jackets begin to tire me by February – get it, puffer jacket, tire me, Michelin Man reference?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Why not wear what makes you happy in the summer, in the winter?  Jeans, t-shirt = happiness.  Just add a couple of extra layers to deal with the cold.


Layer it on, BIG time!  Cotton long sleeve t-shirt, leather jacket, fur vest.


Boston is getting spanked silly with snow this winter, so a hat is necessary too…


and BIG SOREL BOOTS (which are a serious nightmare to drive in fyi)!


Now if you will excuse me, I have some serious snow playing to do!


MOTHER jeans, Rick Owens leather jacket, Beaver vest, Prada hat, Sorel Boots.

23 thoughts on “Puffy Fatique

    • Thank you – my awesome 9 year old photographer is so talented! 🙂
      My other 9 year old waited until after we took the pics to shove snow down my back – glamor glamor glamor, that’s my world!

  1. Love the photos 🙂
    I can’t stand wearing heavy clothes in winter, despite the cold, simply because they’re uncomfortable. Layering the clothing that I actually enjoy is a much better option and is far more appealing aesthetically, in my opinion. Interestingly, I thought about the Michelin Man when I read that first bit lol. Those puffer jackets have always reminded me of that character!

    • Sorry for you that you have a sense of humor that is on the same corny level as me!
      Approaching the outfit despite the temperature sometimes fools me into thinking it is much nicer out than in reality!

      • haha 🙂 A friend bought me a puffy jacket for my birthday years ago and I immediately blurted out “Bibendum!” to their surprise; mostly because they had no idea what I was talking about!

        “I’m wearing a spring jacket, so it’s going to be just like spring when I step outside!” 😉 That’s basically my thought process, which is quite ridiculous, isn’t it!?

    • No baileys – cocoa for the bambinos and Chianti, salumi and cheese for the mamas – how I love a good snow day!

      And Holy Toledo thanks for the super awesome flattering compliment! I REALLY do not like the cold so I am taking that nice statement straight to the bank Bella!

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