Fruit Salad & a Python

Navy python?




Tutti Frutti?




Shan is reversecommuter’s absolute favorite swimsuit designer – click here if you don’t believe me!    


A small selection of reversecommuter’s Shan collection

Please don’t undermine the intensity of my decision making process.  The wrong selection could deeply affect my beach time…(not really).  


The navy blue python tassel bikini it is!  Although the raspberry is still calling my name…


reversecommuter blogging in paradise

Shan delivers variety in every collection, with material, cut and style but fit is never an issue, always exactly as expected.  Hit the blue to go to and take in all of the 2014 Collection – both men’s and women’s, fyi!


I haven’t tried Shan’s full piecers yet – at what time of your life do you bid adieu to the bikini – or do you? But that alas, is an entirely different conversation to be posted some other time!  😉

12 thoughts on “Fruit Salad & a Python

  1. The one you picked all kinds of amazing. Close second was blueberry… When to ditch the 2-piecer is a toughie. Definitely on waterslides or for competition, but I don’t think that’s what you were getting at. I’ve seen many people who from my objective opinion look horrendous in a 2 piece. This is terrible, but I’m surprised they make 2piecers in some sizes I’ve seen. Yet, many of them were very comfortable in their skin and gave off a beautiful self-confidence that was hard to ignore. On the flip-side, I’ve seen women with gorgeous bodies who lacked that confidence which made the overall look awkward. So I guess the answer is that it’s a state of mind. (Weak, I know)

      • I’m a data analyst by profession, so maybe I can come up with some algorithm that combines confidence levels with BMI to come up with the definitive guide. I’d probably throw in body hair as a factor too. Because I’m complete like that. And shallow.

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