Karl, Je Comprends!

Finally someone who speaks my language, and WHAT a someone it is, none other than the King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld!

Chanel Fall 2014 was presented today at the grocery store, aka Le Grand Palais aka in the ultiimate-fantasy-level land of reversecommuter!


Why not run to the groc shop right after the gym?

Yes, sometimes reversecommuter has a day date with my husband at the groc shop!  It’s actually kind of fun doing everyday things on a day date – reinstalling the magic with the help of the mundane!


This show encapsulates every single word, picture and post that reversecommuter has created in the past 2 years, and I am SO HAPPY that King Karl has parlayed that into Chanel’s gorgeous appropriately tweedy & chained fall collection.


Why not dress up a little, every single day?!

CHA_0287.450x675One very simple question on two items:  When can I buy the sneaker/boot hybrid and can I pretty please buy one of those groc shop baskets?!??!?!

Thank you to Natalie Massanet, Bryan Boy, Christie Binkley, Style.com and Instagram for the images & videos!

11 thoughts on “Karl, Je Comprends!

  1. *Audible GASP*
    Love this entire collection and I am all on board with the shopping basket.
    Also, please snap a pic of day date with hubby, especially if you are both decked out in Chanel as you peruse the aisles. Thanks!

  2. What a good idea 🙂 Really quite clever and creative to do a fashion show like this. Makes a non-expert like me suddenly that much more intrigued and into watching the event.

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