Cropped WHAT?!?


Memo to designers – Not all women’s stomachs are created equal.


Some are in their early twenties and have washboard six packs. Others are a teeny bit older and have had some babies, and are now the proud owners of tummy-Shar-Peis.


Hence the Spring fashion conundrum concerning crop tops & the need for Fashion Translation!


There are some wondrous collections out this spring, most of which are offering crop tops. What’s the owner of a muffin top to do?


Option One – the layered look.  This is a great option for Spring (and almost Spring), as layering is key to survival when it is freezing in the morning then scorching in the afternoon.


Wear a longer tee short or blouse underneath the crop. But don’t tuck!

Option Two –  Tune in tomorrow……  🙂

23 thoughts on “Cropped WHAT?!?

  1. Thanks for speaking on our behalf us (me) the shar pei tummy mamas !!! When I think of a cropped top on me I see a condom water balloon about to be thrown out of a window. Seriously. This combination looks goooood on you by the way.

    • Thank you – yes, for the compliment, but more importantly for being responsible for making me giggle all day long!
      Sister I feel your pain. But I like to look at it this way – anyone can have a 6 pack but it takes a real glamour girl to stretch out & push out & raise amazingly delicious children!
      Shar Peis unite! 🙂

  2. I love these pics of you, especially the first one. Your happy personality just shines through the screen. Nice post darling!

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