Cropped WHO WHAT WHERE?!?!?

Option Two:  High Waisted Bottoms.


I kid you not, they are most definitely making a come back.  Released with crop tops, it’s almost like the designers feel our fear.  Click here to peruse 6 pages of high waisted pieces on net-a-porter.  Some of my favorites are Jonathan Simkhai, Alexander Wang and Jason Wu.


High Waisted Bottoms also hide a multitude of sins because of where the lines cut.  Seriously.


Sarah Jessica Parker herself said in 2003 that moms don’t need to wear low rise jeans (click here for that Vogue piece).  Same exact premise to be found here.  No need to fully expose the Shar Pei tummy region.

cropd It should not be a whole lotta skin that is showing.  Buy up in the size of the top, gain a little extra length.  Just be sure of one thing – feel comfortable in it.  If not, there is always Option #1 – click here to revisit!


ps my oldest son wanted to know what happened to the rest of my top…keeping it real in the ‘burbs.

16 thoughts on “Cropped WHO WHAT WHERE?!?!?

  1. Look at you, you sexy thing! You look amazing!

    BTW – thanks for all the great tips for my NYC trip! Much appreciate them and will bring back a full report to share on the blog 🙂

  2. Lol! kids say the darndest things! Couldn’t agree with you more on the whole high waisted bottom/crop top combo. Ive been rockin it for years even when it was not stylish to do so cuz…..why the hell not!

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