1 Great White Shirt, 2 Loose Lemons

‘If you were to ask me what I wish I had invented in fashion, it would be the white shirt. To me, a shirt is the basis for everything. Everything else comes afterwards.’
Karl Lagerfeld


Nothing says Spring has Sprung like wearing a white shirt.


It is one of the most basic yet versatile fashion staples in any closet.


The white shirt is like cupcakes – they are NEVER going to go out of style!


My juggling skills are not building block material, but it does entertain everyone while waiting for dinner to be ready!  🙂

16 thoughts on “1 Great White Shirt, 2 Loose Lemons

  1. Great outfit 🙂 A white shirt is always an excellent choice. I had a sweater on this morning but decided enough was enough and removed it this afternoon. No more!

    lol…I must add, your refrigerator is ridiculous! In a good way!

  2. Well of course a fitted white shirt on a bod like this is gonna look stunning. I must say that it’s the Hermes bracelet that makes it all look so refined. Stunning!!!! On another note, I LOOOOOOOVE your kitchen 😉 If the fridge looks like this, I can imagine the rest…

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