reversecommuter has just discovered an interesting fact…


My wardrobe is not exactly up to code in the Muslim world.


Normally that would not be of particular concern, living in boston and all…but I am traveling to Dubai later today!

Tune in next Wednesday for my next posting!
xo reversecommuter. >

11 thoughts on “YIKERS!

      • Unless it’s Ramadan you are able to wear pretty much whatever you like but I choose a more conservative style just because I don’t like to draw attention.

        A maxi dress and a shawl or scarf in your bag just in case you have to cover your shoulders. Long skirts and singlets or cotton pants and a singlet are pretty much what I live in when I’m there. That said, girls really dress up when they go out there, even to the shops so u can get away with really going for it while your there.

        The most important thing to remember is the laws & contradictions.For example, it’s illegal for a girl to drink alcohol and you can be jailed for having alcohol in your system, yet there is a bar in every hotel and a wild wild nightlife! I’m sure you’ve done your research though. How long are you going for?

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