reversecommuter has a new fave word.  NORMCORE.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014


Norm Core = The kind of luxury so stealth that the person wearing the item may be the only one (other than the designer) who knows how luxurious it is.

Givenchy Fall 2014

Givenchy Fall 2014

In other words, buh-bye label whores, hello intense style and quality.

Jonathan Simkhai Fall 2014

Jonathan Simkhai
Fall 2014

Kirna Zabete, Hirshleifers and net-a-porter are perfect examples of retailers who completely embrace NormCore…and coincidentally are reversecommuter’s all time obsessive fave boutiques!

The Row Fall 2014

The Row Fall 2014


14 thoughts on “NormCore

  1. I think it’s great when the spotlight can be taken off of the big labels and focused on those can be fashionable with what they have. No one else should have to know how expensive your outfit is for it to be fashionable. I fully embrace this concept. Thanks for drawing it to my attention!

    • Label whores exist all over the place. I for one am psyched that THE IT BAG has settled down, that logos are getting smaller if not just on labels on the inside of garments.
      I love fashion but I don’t love being an advertisement.

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