Best Shorts!

Fashion needs to meet life at least in the middle – J Crew TOTALLY understands that.


Children drop approximately 6 KAZILLION things daily – which means mamas need to be able to bend down and pick up those 6 KAZILLION items, ideally without flashing the world!  But that doesn’t mean giving up fashion, style and great designs.


Price is user friendly too!  Click here to see all of the J Crew shorts currently available.

pic1 and Mr. Porter started carrying J Crew a few years ago, and reversecommuter was confused!  So I contacted the company to see exactly why the GREAT & ALL FASHIONABLE Natalie Massenet would want to bring in the catalogue company’s clothing.  The answer was simple – great design at a great price.  TRUE!

18 thoughts on “Best Shorts!

    • LOL! I love that you noticed that! Yup, borrowed the iguana watering can from my 4 year old – it’s how I roll. 🙂
      The menswear at J Crew is awesome too – have you tried the linen shirts for summer? Big hit over here!

    • SWOON – one of my fave words of all time!
      Thank you for such a phenomenal compliment!!!!
      I love all forms of exercise (except CrossFit – not for me), and right now am excited because the summer season means I can bring out my Stand up Paddleboard and get out there!
      And there is the incredible “chasing three children all over the place” workout! 🙂

      • Oh yes I am very familiar with the last one! Never tried sup-ing (is that how you say it?) – unfortunately not anywhere near the sea here but it sounds amazing. Xx

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