Daisy Dukes For Mamas?

Nope, not a typo.  And not a blog posting on milfs either… just a mommyblogger’s love of fashion and the necessity for fashion to fit life.


As in Daisy Dukes that aren’t quite too short, but still qualify 🙂    Mamas need to bend over ALL the time!  Click here to find a great on sale selection at Rag & Bone.

DD1 reversecommuter hit a farmers’ market and scored the last blueberry pie – WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!


Gotta go get it and the wilting veggies home…


17 thoughts on “Daisy Dukes For Mamas?

  1. Well, hopefully I’m not overstepping any boundaries when I say you definitely have the body for those shorts! Great photos; love the vibrancy and summery feel!

  2. You look great in daisy dukes. I have a couple of pairs myself, but they’re too short to wear down here (don’t wanna get arrested). I think I’ve said it before, but I really like that white hat too.

  3. Well, the men will like this trend. I was a selling specialist for Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Also jones of New York. It was the third revision of my life. At my age I tend to sport a classic put together look. I do love fashion. Designer shoes and bags are my guilty passion. Hugs, Barbara

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